I experience fleeting moments of heightened lucidity. In them, my thoughts run with extraordinary speed and clarity and all the myriad information I have accumulated seems accessible and connectible. Then, usually within minutes, I plummet back to a dull sluggish state, a low state, my baseline prole. Glucose and caffeine seem key, but the relationship is not straightforward. Should I look into nootropics?


Note to self

Carpe diem you lazy bastard. There’s so much dreadful crap out there being created by dynamic idiots and lauded by passive idiots. Get fucking writing. You have reams of stuff to put out, not just this weak trickle.


The problem with deriving social and political views from an examination of the available data in the relevant scientific fields is that what you end up with is unlikely to resemble any traditional political position. As far as I am aware, my (still crystallising) views would be balked at by pretty much any group or party you care to name.