We hold these truths to be self-evident, that a new born child is not a blank slate, that a person’s culpability for their actions in the eyes of the law should account for their intrinsic genetic proclivities, that the aim of a moral civilisation should be to raise the intellectual productivity of humanity and reduce particular differences between population groups so that all may compete more equitably, that it behoves us to consider the long-term well-being of humanity and perform those actions that will allow the flourishing of science, technology and society to continue unabated. We believe that ethnocentrism and nationalism are hateful atavistic scourges and that a just people will welcome taxing the rich in order to improve the abilities of the poor, even though this will require the use of embryo selection and genetic editing.



Social structures are usually considered in terms of either morality or personal liberty. I find both of these fairly dull. What interests me is what (if any) selection pressures they exert. If you have a society with an entrenched version of the “marshmallow test,” a society which shuns those who fail, are you selecting for future time orientation and a well developed pre-frontal cortex? What effect will this have on a population over 1000 years? If no evidence of such selection is apparent, why not?